Meeting Room

Many large companies have chosen the Romantik Hotel Furno as usual location of their meetings.
If you're looking for a location for a small meeting or a meeting which the organization is a bit more complex, remember that you will find the Romantik Hotel Furno efficiency, helpfulness and friendliness.
Our complex has a meeting room with capacity up to 100 people theater style with natural light, air-conditioned with private entrance from the rest of the hotel so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the place.
This will also include suitable spaces for small meetings.
During breaks you can relax in the surrounding park while sipping a coffee with pastries; in the the summer time, coffee breaks are setted up across the terrace garden.

Our meeting room may have different types of construction as needed:

Theatre: 100 seats -  table seats for 6 speakers.
With real table: 44 seats.
With classroom tables: 40 seats.
Horseshoe: 38 seats.

Meeting agreement